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Kingdom Investment Opportunities

Each of the following initiatives is an opportunity — an opportunity to make a Kingdom difference, a Kingdom change, a Kingdom investment. Whether you're able to give financially, pray fervently, or serve on a mission trip, will you prayerfully invest in the future of Burkina Faso?

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More than 700 million people worldwide are living on less than $1.90 a day, and it can be nearly impossible to get ahead when you’re that far behind. That’s why our Micro-Finance Initiative provides funding to entrepreneurs—offering financial backing to those who want to break the cycle of poverty.

Micro-Finance Entrepreneurs


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School of Leadership Development

The School of Leadership Development

As one aspect of our School of Leadership & Development, our child-sponsorship program offers an opportunity to connect with someone from another culture in a unique and rare way.


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Water Project

We strive to build equity in the communities where we work. Through our Water Project Initiative, our goal is to sponsor a whole community through programs that may include projects in the area of health, education, agriculture, and vocational training.

Water Project


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As part of our Micro-Finance Initiative, fifty farmers from Burkina Faso were selected to go through capacity-building training. Farmers from the U.S. collaborated with these African farmers in order to encourage and train them to produce more crops in order to feed their own people—locally and nationally.

Agriculture Enterprise


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Pastors & Leaders

Under our School of Leadership & Development, we are working in strategic partnership with other organizations, such Teach Every Nation, to train and equip local indigenous pastors and leaders across Burkina Faso as they carry out the Good News of Jesus Christ to every tribe and people group in their communities and nation.

Pastors & Leaders Training


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Eyecare & Dental

In an impoverished country like Burkina Faso, healthcare is difficult enough, but eye care is almost impossible to find. This country of 18.4 million people only has 13 ophthalmologists! One of our Community Development Project Initiatives is to provide medicine, glasses, and a mobile clinic to provide better care and outcomes.

Eyecare & Dental Clinic


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Weaving Grace
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As an extension of Kingdom Investment International's Microfinance Initiative, Weaving Grace provides individualized attention to meet the needs of widows on a holistic basis. We do this while offering the very practical tools necessary for the women to advance economically, instilling pride, dignity, emotional healing and well-being, giving a world of hope.

Weaving Grace Ministries


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