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investment opportunity:

Weaving Grace

Weaving Grace Ministry was started to empower widows to regain personal dignity through developing a business or trade that provides for her and her children’s needs.

An Investment
in Women

Today in Burkina Faso, many widows and orphans are prone to distress, due to the social and economic conditions within the country. Through our Micro-finance initiative, widows are empowered and enabled to become self-sufficient and fully live. Watch this video on Weaving Grace to learn more.

Our Approach

Weaving Grace provides individualized attention to meet the needs of widows on a holistic basis. We do this while offering the very practical tools necessary for the women to advance economically, as we instill pride, dignity, emotional healing and well-being, giving a world of hope. Working with leaders in many of Burkina Faso’s communities, Weaving Grace provides widows with a safe, loving environment with the help of a dedicated support group. Through a specialized Micro-Finance Initiative, these widows are then provided with a structure to earn an income by their own means, teaching them baseline business skills and offering financial assistance to start a business venture or trade of their choosing.

We provide:

  • Individualized attention and support for widows’ emotional and spiritual health

  • Training on how to start and
    maintain a business

  • Financial assistance for business start-up costs

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