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Goshen Friends Church Blesses Through Baking

Every year, Goshen Friends Church in Zanesfield, Ohio holds a Dessert Auction in support of a worthy cause. The auction is pretty typical, except for one twist: only men make the desserts.

According to pastor Wayne Downing, the results are entertaining: some men produce elaborate cakes for bid, while others plop baking mix in a box and call it a day. In the end, the quality hasn’t mattered. For over 15 years, the auction has been an enjoyable community diversion while raising thousands for ministries locally and around the globe. And this year, Kingdom Investment was a beneficiary.

While Pastor Wayne is happy to support KII’s Weaving Grace widow’s ministry, he says the events also benefit his church: “It’s just a great reminder for everyone that the church isn’t about what happens just in our four walls. The church is worldwide – and we’re called to love and support each other, no matter where we are.”

When asked why church leadership felt good about supporting Kingdom Investment this year, Pastor Wayne underlined KII’s emphasis on self-sufficiency. “It was encouraging for me to see KII equipping people to be able to support themselves. It’s not just digging wells, but also educating people. The most important thing is Jesus, that relationship with him, but also, the education is focused on helping people figure out how to be self-sufficient. KII will help build a well for the community, but will also ask, ‘What other ways can we help your family survive in this climate, in your location?’ This helps me feel even more enthusiastic about supporting KII — because they’re helping in a sustainable way, spiritually and physically.”

The Dessert Auction raised $3,000 in support of this type of sustainable work in Burkina Faso. Pastor Wayne would love to see others participate in creative fundraising projects to support ministries locally and globally. “God isn’t so hung up on the amount that you give — it’s about the condition of your heart, what the Spirit prompts you to give. It’s about obedience, and doing what we know God wants us to do.”

In other words, no idea or amount is too small. The question is, what is God asking you to do with what you have?

To Pastor Wayne, Goshen Friends Church, and all of those men who took up baking, regardless of experience, thank you for investing in the people of Burkina Faso!

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