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'We had no solutions': How the Ag Program is tackling pervasive food insecurity

Rural areas of Burkina Faso have been plagued for decades by hunger and poverty. These problems, exacerbated in recent years by drought and increased insecurity, have contributed to a mass exodus from rural areas to urban areas as Burkinabe search for a better life.

Kingdom Investment’ Ag Enterprise program is working to address these challenges. With reliable tractor service, seed, fertilizer, and consultation – everything a farmer needs to dramatically improve yields – KII is helping local farmers develop sustainable methods for food production and confront the scourge of hunger and food insecurity.

“Kingdom Investment’s goal is to empower farmers to harvest their agricultural potential and improve agronomic practices, input financing, and access to a cash market to sell production,” says Jean-Paul Tiendrebeogo. These efforts are seeing results, according to Burkinabe farmers:

“Our sorghum field produced better last year than the fields of our neighbors who did not plant in zai holes. The improved cowpea we planted is so plentiful we think we can give a little of our harvest to the displaced people our community welcomes who are fleeing terrorists in the East.” Mr. and Mrs. Nana

“We are witnessing many difficulties for which we thought we had no solutions, such as an unpredictable climate, food insecurity, degraded soil and crop pests. Now we know how to use our resources to their full potential, such as making liquid fertilizer from animal manure.” Soumaila

We have been working on this maize field for years with meager harvests. But today, applying new farming techniques, the results are quite different.” Ms. Boubakar

The impact is being felt in the fields, and in people’s lives. “Our goal is to show everyone love – regardless of their religion or ethnicity – by helping people improve their food security,” says Pastor Lamien, one of KII’s church partners.

“Our goal is to show everyone love – regardless of their religion or ethnicity – by helping people improve their food security.”

Although results from KII’s Ag Enterprise have been encouraging so far, much more work is needed to address Burkina Faso’s pervasive food insecurity. This year, exciting new research is underway to improve agricultural yields in Burkina Faso. Dr. Bandaogo, a Burkinabe native with a Ph.D. in Soil and Science from The Ohio State University, has been working on an experimental agricultural project alongside retired farmers Tim Manchester and Dan Spearman from Auglaize County, Ohio. The goal of these experimental studies is to bring innovative, productive agricultural techniques to Burkinabe farmers that ultimately impact thousands of lives across Burkina Faso. Pray for God’s hand on this endeavor!

When you support Kingdom Investment International, you make a difference in the lives of farmers in Burkina-Faso, and in the lives of many others who depend on their success. Thank you for your part in showing the love of Jesus by meeting the most basic of human needs!

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