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Tree of Life Third Graders Catch Vision for Helping Widows

In May 2022, the third grade classes of Tree of Life Christian School in Central Ohio organized a lemonade stand to teach the students economics, while at the same time impacting the lives of widows in Burkina Faso.

To better understand life as a widow in Burkina, each class read the children’s book The Light in Mama’s Eyes. Moved by what they had learned from the book, students were eager to launch a lemonade stand project to benefit Burkinabe widows – a testament to what happens when God’s children get a passion for those dear to his heart!

“The book was perfect for the third-grade students to understand Weaving Grace (KII’s ministry to widows),” said Mrs. Emily Fisher, a third grade teacher at Tree of Life. “It was exciting to see how the Lord guided us as we planned this lemonade stand project. The students enjoyed planning and working the lemonade stand. They put all of the things they had learned in social studies, reading, and math into practice.”

Because of their generosity and obedience to the call that God placed on their hearts, they were able to raise a total of $2,488.28! Thank you Tree of Life students, staff, and parents who came together to build God’s kingdom through the widows in Burkina.


Teach your kids about the needs of widows, while simultaneously supporting them!

Every purchase of The Light in Mama's Eyes by Rita Tiendrebeogo supports Weaving Grace.

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